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"The Zionist Book Club was formed just as the Barak government was about to come into power. The banner heading of the full page advertisement that we ran in the Your Jerusalem newspaper said," Read These Books Before the New Government Bans Them." The political climate was ripe for repression. I had run the first advertisements in several newspapers during the Rabin government saying," Bring Down the Government." That was December 1993. At first I received many calls both in favor and against, but asking me how I was going to do that. Friends of mine were asked if I was alright as it was such a strange thing to do. It only took four weeks for an uprising to start after I opened the doors to standing up to the horrible violent abuse that Yitzhak Rabin was foisting upon the Jewish population in Israel who disagreed with his policies.
That full page color ad included the first book that we published: Israel Betrayed, by Barry Chamish along with several other books, videos and cassette tapes. In that ad was "The Transfer Agreement" by Edwin Black. We were selling hard to find copies of the out of print book for $100 apiece. The interest we generated led to the reissuing of the book by Brookline Books in Boston. I was bringing in copies of the book, "Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin" by Barry Chamish which had been published by Feral House Publishers in Los Angeles. I walked a copy of the first edition into Brookline and they decided to update and print the second edition in English. They sent me the book on disk and I printed the book in Israel.
Over the several years that we were active in Israel, we had a profound impact on the political scene by continually presenting books, some of which had been banned and others that Steimatsky Books, the large monopoly bookseller in Israel, had refused to carry, even though there was considerable interest. Our most recent publication is the two volume edition of Rabbi Marvin Antlemans, " To Eliminate the Opiate." Volume One was originally published in 1973. It was the first well presented history of the conspiratorial efforts to subvert and undermine Judaism. It can still be found offered used for even $250 on some rare book sites. Volume two was brought out after many years and much encouragement from several people.


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