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1. GoIsrael.co.il- Israel's Mother of all Portals
Our English index was rated the most comprehensive, and user-friendly in Israel. We connect you to every portal in Israel, he Middle East, and around the World. We provide you with 24 hour real-time news on different issues including Israeli top stories, Jewish issues, Anti-Semitism, Middle East stories, TV & Entertainment, Stocks, Jobs, Venture Capital, IPO News and fashion. We link you to Israels large Portals in all categories including News, Sports, Entertainment, Dating, Business, Technology, eCommerce, Jobs, Education, Restaurants, ISPs, Government, and Shopping. Our index keeps track of Anti-Semitism and Anti-Israeli issues around the globe. We track a list of personas non-grata to Israel in an effort to increase your awareness about public figures and anti-Semitic journalists who often publish one-sided propaganda against Israel.

2. Israeli Defense Force
If the war were over tomorrow, Zion is where the party would be.

3. Jewish Voice for Peace
Jewish Voice for Peace

4. War on Terror - New York Coalition Against Terrorism - 9/11, www.NYCAT.ORG
Kofi must Go,war on terror, Kofi Must Go,Annan must go,New York Coalition Against Terrorism, was formed to inform the public of events and opinion from around the World that is not seen or heard on mainstream media. Kofi Annan must go. We attempt to fight terrorism and anti-Semitism by bringing information to light on events, rallys, and ways to contact your elected officials. The global war on terrorism is being fought by many means -- through diplomatic, military, financial, intelligence, investigative, and law enforcement actions -- at home and abroad.

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